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At the ancient Öregrundsvarvet there is a long tradition of developing and manufacturing modern aluminum boats. It is where we develop and build Viggo, a brand launched in 2013 that stands for fighter, strength, rawness and power.

Viggo's boats are developed based on many years of experience and feedback from our customers. We know that they place high demands on their boats and want to be able to leave the jetty with confidence regardless of the weather. In Öregrund, we therefore develop and build boats with a functional design that should offer the best comfort for everyone on board. We never compromise on ergonomics, safety and performance because we know what is required of a boat that often travels at today's higher cruise speeds.

Acclaimed Viggo X8 and Viggo C8 are designed for today's powerful outboard motors with security, safety and comfort in focus.




Another important part in terms of features and safety is that the driver's environment is well thought out. Here we have all controls and instruments within easy reach when seated. You don't have to travel to, for example, access functions on the navigation, which is positioned for full visibility without disturbing reflections.


In addition to this, you get 3M Blackout film on the front of the desk and the armrest, which removes all reflections. It gives the driver the opportunity to focus on driving with full control and utilize all the good features of the boat.




With VIGGO, we have incorporated the word safety from the first stroke of the pen into the way we thought in terms of planning, hull concept, functions and choice of equipment. Safety is very important when you are at sea, and not just while underway.


In order for the boat to feel safe in all situations, we have placed great emphasis on ease of use. It is reflected in everything from the specification of the electrical system to the design of the deck and driver environment.


One of the most important parts of the boat is of course the hull. It is developed based on many years of experience in the interplay between function and speed. A modern hull must be adapted to today's large outboards and higher cruising speeds. The boat must be stable and feel safe for its driver in all types of water and speed areas.

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